001a – “The Indian Fighter”, Book 1 of The Cthulhiad


“The Indian Fighter”, Book 1 of The Cthulhiad, published November 2012. Available from Iron-Shod Ape Comics and as seen in OK Comics, Leeds, UK, Abstract Sprocket, Norwich, UK).

Limited run quality printing, Colour Cover, 40 pages B/W interior Art. With Footnotes and Links to additional media.

The Indian Fighter is a violent western, in which a unpleasant gunman leads a group of lethal manhunters to a hidden lake in pursuit of a group of runaway slaves and native Arapaho and Cheyenne, all of whom don’t know the power of the object that has stirred them all to action.

An object that is trying to find its way into the hands of someone who might release that power onto mankind like a flood.

0zz Actual FINAL FINAL Cover xx


3 comments on “001a – “The Indian Fighter”, Book 1 of The Cthulhiad

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